Wednesday, September 3

Fun Blog + Bonus Contests

I surf regularly to keep up on the design world. It's not healthy, as a designer, to create in a vacuum. The world is full of unexpected and ingenious inspiration and it only takes a few minutes to see it.
Recently, I've come across Tigerprint (click here to check out their main site and portfolio). They are a U.K. division of Hallmark. A smaller shop of the Goliath of card makers, it is the sole supplier for stationery products for Marks & Spencer, the U.K. version of a Target/Macy's combo. The work is fun and creative and their blog is filled with great links, information and, the best part, contests.
The contests are more for the illustrators in you. The topics vary - cute characters, floral patterns, children's puzzles, etc. The winner receives £200 (about $400.00), the possibility to create more work for them and even a chance that the winning artwork may make its way into Marks & Spencers. Anyone can enter and it's free! This is a perfect opportunity to try out your skills and, if you win, a great mention on your resume.

Check out the blog here.

Check out the contest here.

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