Friday, October 31

It's Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, check out this fantastic video. College kids at their best!

Sunday, October 19

Very Cool Graphics

I'm always on the lookout for interesting and new ways to present information. I find information graphics to be quite dull as a whole. A pie chart here, a graph there, it certainly presents the information clearly but as a designer I'm always looking for something more. How can a designer truly show what the graphic says. How can little bits of information be put together to both visually and verbally represent the complete picture?

One way is to use a visual of what the information is discussing. The chart below discusses how people use a library. The use of books automatically connects the viewer to the idea of a library and helps visualize the information.

Some people take on information graphics as a career and make an art of it. One of those people is Chris Harrison. His information graphic creations go beyond the normal display of percentages and charts. His graphics become art beyond just numbers and facts.

For instance, one of my personal favorites is a graphic representing the 63, 779 cross references found in the Bible. It comes alive and looks more like a light show than an information graphic. Go here to read more about it.

Another discuss color boundaries - where one color ends and another begins. Click here to read more.

Something to think about the next time a client asks for a chart showing various forms of data. What can you do to make it more interesting while still showing the information needed to be conveyed?