Sunday, February 17

Kern alert!

I realize New York Life has a long history of being a well established company. It was founded 160 years ago after all. You'd think that a company with such rich heritage would take just as much pride in their logo.

Look how beautifully kerned the word New is. The letters touch forming elegant ligatures. The N and E even share the same stem - how marvelous. While the letters in York don't touch, the spacing has been finessed to fit perfectly under New. But someone must have then taken a nip from the bottle before working on the word Life. Can you say poor kerning? Sheesh. I realize the designer wanted Life to be the same width as New, but please, they could have done better then this. Every time I see this logo, I want to take an Xacto knife to it and fix the horrible letter spacing.

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Anonymous said...

Aparrently the term for improper kerning is

Be careful when you kern "FLICK".