Wednesday, February 18

The Kern Monster is Loose!

My Graphics II class obviously loves me. This was drawn on the board while I was meeting with students. The tag around the octopus monster reads "Bosler". The other text reads "lo-res images", "magazine project" and "widow, you fail". The rest of it reads "Hi younger and less sleep-deprived CD majors... RUN while you still can! Yours Truly, Graphics 2 students."

I think this is hysterical, and true, so so true. Our classes are 6 hour studio studio classes with an equal amount of homework outside of class. Most of my students have 3-4 studio classes plus 1-2 academic classes. That makes for 24-30 hours of in-class time and 24-30 hours of homework time. It doesn't seem like much but it makes for regular all-nighters and tired students. (Student's time management skills are definitely lacking at this stage). Of course, add on top of all this a professor, me, who insists not only on good design, but good imagery, properly edited text and skillful use of InDesign and you get a terrifying octopus-like creature who runs the class. I love my job.

Note: props to Matt for creating this fabulous artwork. I love it!


sAra said...

haha! this is great. Graphics 2 is surely the ultimate test of the CD program. Must say the organization and strictness of the class truly revolutionized my work ethic. Much thanks!

lorem ipsum said...

You're very welcome. It's great to know I could do some good!