Monday, January 7

Hot San Serif

Having gotten tired of my current font collection—16,000 fonts or so, and yes, I admit it is sad that I need new ones—I made a visit to my favorite site for purchasing fonts, I wanted something new, something exciting, something other than my old standbys. Don't get me wrong, I love Trade Gothic, perhaps a little too much. As a designer I need to remember that while a typeface may work well in every situation, it's not an excuse for continuously using it. My clients deserve unique and original every single time. Using the same typeface over and over does not qualify as unique and original. So to Veer I went and picked up this new font.

At first glance, it's easy to read both in paragraph form and as headline. At closer inspection, it has personality and character. It has a flair that takes it one step further and gives it punch without crossing over into display font territory. I love the little "flips" on the ends of the letterforms. That's what makes it unique. It has proven to be a winner too. This became part of a design round for a client and won out, hands down, over more classic fonts such as Century Gothic, Franklin Gothic and even *gasp* Trade Gothic. Why? Just as I stated above. The client "liked its personality".
The moral of the story? Look at fonts other than those pre-installed on your computer. And I mean really look at them. What makes the font special? What makes it unique? How can you add that je ne sais quoi to your design through use of typography?

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